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22 sep 2022 om 21:44 Food is good
22 sep 2022 om 21:17 When the food is correct and the time of delivery or pick-up is correct its freaking awesome. Sadly this is a rare occasion about 2 out of 10 orders
20 sep 2022 om 20:18 Food is nice and tasty, delivery takes ages. Phoned, would be delivered in. 40 mins, phoned again after an hour, finally was delivered 10 mins latet
18 sep 2022 om 22:20 Food delivery took long and the quality is deteriorating day by day inspite of high price
15 sep 2022 om 22:07 Delivery time delayed by 30 mins inspite of ordering over an hour back
10 sep 2022 om 11:03 Food was not hot. We used to like street food a lot. But now the taste is not that good. And the worst part is delivery taking more than 1 hour.
10 sep 2022 om 8:33 Mirchi pakoda with curd. And dahi wada with chole. Insane! Add high prices and its Disappointing. Used to be a great restaurant. Its fast approching the bottom.
27 aug 2022 om 8:59 Menu is wrong. I ordered veg and chicken was sent and when I called and complained the restaurant and they did not even offer to refund my money for the item I was throwing away. Sending chicken dish to vegetarian person is a huge concern.
17 aug 2022 om 20:23 Food did not taste and feel fresh. The delivery was friendly, however the ETA was going to be 1.5 hours and incorrect as it came earlier. Also there is a mistake in the kathi roll menu and I got a tasteless cheese roll instead of chicken.
17 aug 2022 om 20:08 Food was good! Delivery time long but friendly delivery guy.
10 aug 2022 om 21:22 Made a order to pick after waiten in the shop for 40 min i get a call the delivery guy asking for my address. Went to tell te person that was working. Then after a other 5 min i got my food but it was a just put to getter quickly and a bit disappoint
22 jul 2022 om 23:46 The taste of cholay has changed completely from earlier orders. It was not good like we used to have before. Also, some of cholay were undercooked. The taste of tikki was bit same as before. Food was delivered cold, may be due to rush on Friday.